2022 Scholarship/Youth Grant Recipients

Lockney High School Class of 2022 Recipients

Taylor Egnew - Outreach Youth Grant

My community service experience taught me "that having a big heart, caring for people and just being passionate about your community and the people in it can make a big difference in your life and show people that you care."

Austin Rodriguez - Outreach Scholarship

"Volunteering comes from the love we all hold, assisting someone or just simply being in the presence of someone who needs it and can make a day and put a smile on another's face. These are the joyous moments that lead me to volunteering."

Tulia High School Class of 2022 Recipients

Savannah Jack - Outreach Scholarship

"Leadership is filling an important role when it is not easy. The best leaders, historically speaking, did not desire the leadership role. Leaders listen more than they talk. Leaders need no recognition."

Marissa Lucio - Outreach Scholarship

"Although there have been many obstacles in my life I use them as a lesson rather than a breakage for my relationships or desires. Being positive is what helps you accomplish all your goals."

Sadie Brookins - Outreach Scholarship

"I have many dreams and goals that I will accomplish. One of my biggest goals is to further my education because it will help me be able to help others and their families as well. I have always loved helping others, which is why it is my top personal aspiration."

Trinity Johnson - Outreach Scholarship

"My goal in the future is to become a neuropsychologist. I chose this career because being able to help someone with things they need only gives me peace of mind that I helped someone who does not have to suffer from mental illness."