Confidence In Our God - Making God's Vision a reality at The Outcome

by Kayla Sherman

I have seen this photo on Facebook many times lately…I find myself reading it word for word every time I see it. These statements are so powerful to me! Concrete examples of faith, trust, hope, confidence, love, and attitude…all providing a sense of perspective to life that we often don’t take the time to intentionally think about and appreciate.

Reading over these for about the tenth time this week, I am drawn to Number 4! It truly speaks to how we have functioned (and hopefully always will) at The Outcome throughout this past year. Our CONFIDENCE in this mission and in our God is unyielding. So much so that I feel we should share the series of events that usually occurs leading to the events and initiatives we have put forth this year.

Here’s our faith-filled process…

Step 1 - One of our core team members comes to the office (we all work together in our day job as well!), fired up, energized and full of the Holy Spirit with a God given vision of our next mission. We have all done this, we have all felt this energy at different times and for different reasons. Whether God spoke to us in our car, in our dreams, through something we read, saw or experienced, He spoke and His direction was clear. We proceed to share this new idea with our crew with an enthusiasm and certainty that cannot be denied.

Step 2 - Without hesitation, question or doubt, our amazing team jumps to action and gets on board with our new vision, knowing full and well God is behind it and it is our responsibility to make it happen! Notably this is something rare in today’s world where doubt, fear, and uncertainty are the norm, often putting God given visions down before they even begin.

Step 3 - A wonderful, inspiring and creative process of brainstorming and planning begins. All ideas are considered; all opinions are valued!

Step 4 - Duties are separated, goals are set, and God’s vision goes into full speed ahead mode!

Now I pause to emphasize and explain that The Outcome has no source of consistent funding at this time. All events or initiatives we have planned thus far have been funded from our own pockets or the financial support of community sponsorships for specific activities. Remember this going forward…and see how God works and how our confidence in Him has been built and continues to surprise us and make us in awe of His grace and power.

Back to the process…

Step 5 - We finalize plans, pray over our ideas, and ANNOUNCE the event or initiative to the public! We usually do this by sharing a creative flyer developed by our team that has been poured over for many days/weeks to make sure it is perfect and communicates this mission!

Let that sink in…did you catch it? Let me say it again…We ANNOUNCE this plan that we are committed to make happen to the public PRIOR TO guaranteeing any funding, most of the time knowing The Outcome account balance is slim to none. That my friends is FAITH, that is CONFIDENCE in our God! We believe in His mission so wholeheartedly and know that where He guides, He provides! We have seen it happen; we have felt that power!

Step 6 (and the most powerful of all) - The community steps up, barriers fall, plans move into place, individuals and businesses reach out to help and support this mission. Financial support comes in to cover the bottom line and help make the event happen! God puts PEOPLE in our path to help ensure this vision is carried out! This is amazing to see and experience, and we are grateful for every single person that steps up to make a positive impact by supporting these plans!

I share this process out of complete transparency of how we do things at The Outcome. I share to show our gratitude for those that have helped our mission, GOD’S MISSION! I share this to show the power of confidence and faith in our Heavenly Father! When we put our full trust in Him, listen to where he guides us and put our boots on the ground to carry out His plan, He will not let us fail. Our hope is that we always remain faithful in this mission to continue to put plans in action without fear of the future or guarantee of the results. And our prayer for you is that any time you experience doubt, you lay down your worldly fears, pick up the mission God has laid before you, and trust in His power to help you make it happen!

Thank you to everyone that has stepped up and joined us on this vine and in this mission! We are forever grateful for you for making this year one of progress, growth and positive outcomes for families and children in our communities!

~I am the outcome, you are the outcome and together we will foster positive outcomes!~