The Choice is Yours...CHOOSE TO LIVE!

by Nichole Schmalzried

"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13

Something that is on my heart so strong right now is that I want to LIVE my best life! The life that God intended me to live. A life that is full of purpose and passion! Life that is full of strength, health and fun! This does not mean that I won’t have moments of disappointment, moments of failure or even things that I wish I could change. What it does mean is that I will NOT let fear control my life! I will do the things that I believe God has planned for me even if they seem bigger than what my mind thinks is possible. I will keep moving forward to what inspires me and to how I can help inspire others. I will pursue internal growth daily. I will fall…and I WILL get up. I will have faith and I will watch God pave the most incredible road! 

God has an awe-inspiring plan for your life and "the ability to create it is inside of you"! [Alex Pursglove Zaffuto, Unapologetic Entrepreneurs: Living by Faith Over Fear] We all have the grit deep down and we all have an amazing God supporting us! One that is ready to open doors or close them; to pave a way and guide you to be in the exact place that you should be at the perfect time!

I want my words to reach deep in you to say you are so important and the purpose that God has for you is so meaningful. Don’t let this world hold you back! Don’t allow yourself to be filled with fear about where our world currently is and what you are capable of accomplishing. You are capable! You have people that will support you! You have a God that loves you and will see you through!

I am writing this as a call of action to the generations that are living in this world that is full of uncertainty! A world that, despite its problems, is beautiful and full of incredible people that ALL have something to give! It’s time to stand up! It’s time to impact the people around you! It’s time to love others! It’s time to refuse hate! It’s time to be the Christ loving children of God that we were created to be!

What I encourage you to do is chase that thing that gives you passion, that thing that lights a fire in your soul! Start that mission! Open that business! Volunteer! Travel! Support each other! Help those that need help and above all else love those around you!

So, my question to myself every day and to you right now is this…are you living with intent, purpose and passion? Are you living the exiting, beautiful life God intended for you? Are you growing in grace? This life is your choice! Choose to live and live with intention!

"I am going to know what it means to live and not just be alive."--Mercy Me