"The Green Pearl" - So Much More Than Just a Greenhouse

by Nichole Schmalzried

"Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness." (Colossians 2:7)

For years my love of plants has grown from a mere hobby into something that brings me so much peace and joy. I often see God in the process required to nurture a living thing and help it flourish. It is a labor of love that takes effort, time and patience. Watching a small seed take root and grow into a beautiful plant full of life is so rewarding.

Sometimes I wonder if God feels this way watching us (His children) grow. Always needing His attention and patience on a daily basis. We all have areas in our lives that need tending and extra attention at times, just as the plants in our garden. Practicing self-care, pouring into ourselves and leaning on our God has the power to help us grow and flourish in ways we never thought imaginable. Having the self-awareness to know when we are in need of some TLC is essential to the overall health of our mind, body and spirit. As I begin this greenhouse journey I look forward to the learning and growing that will inevitably happen within myself and those God places in my path. I am excited to have the opportunity to take my love of gardening to the next level by sharing this passion with others. God has planted a seed of hope and vision that I know He will help me fulfill.

“The Green Pearl” is so much more meaningful to me than a new business venture. Pearl was the name of my great grandmother. She was a strong influence on my childhood and impacted many of my dearest memories. She had a passionate love for gardening, planting and the outdoors. You could always find her in her flower beds, tending and maintaining with the utmost care and concern. She was also entrusted with the care of her grandchildren, which she did with the same attention and patience that she gave the beautiful plants blooming in her yard.

As I was brainstorming the name to start the greenhouse, her memory kept coming to my mind. The idea of family and strength. The idea of nurturing something into beauty. As I researched the name “The Green Pearl” I discovered it is also the name given to a succulent plant due to its appearance similar to a string of pearls. I instantly fell in love with the name. The more research I did on this plant the more intrigued I became. How is there enough strength in that fine string to support the weight of the pearls as they grow? A strength that can only be explained by God’s divine creation. It again reminds me of family. No matter the pressure that pulls us down there is always that strong fiber of love that holds it all together; that unyielding strength within us all that IS God’s love.

In honor of my grandma Pearl, I am dedicated to making the greenhouse a space that brings my memories to life. From the small yellow house and white picket fence that surrounded her beautiful flower garden to the sandbox beside her front porch which was a staple for my daily play. To the feeling of comfort that I felt being in a place where I was loved and cared for so completely. This is what I hope to share with everyone that joins me in this space.

This greenhouse will grow into so much more than just a place to shop for flowers. It will be a place that we can pour into others. A place that will be filled with God’s spirit. A place that we will take the same love and support that I felt as a child by my grandma Pearl and create those very same moments and memories for the children of our community.

We know it will take time and we are excited to see the growth and beauty that will unfold so perfectly, exactly as it should. We pray that you follow and join us in our hopes to plant a seed in this community and grow something that will have a lasting impact on us all!