In Memory of Amy Cottrell

Amy Cottrell was diagnosed with Melanoma in 2016. After various treatments, a time period of remission and then a tough battle at the end, Amy’s earthly life ended in January 2021. Amy’s life was about so much more than cancer. It's not who she was! Cancer was something that she experienced and fought, but not something that defined her. We would like to share with you the Amy that we knew, loved and feel is still very present in our lives and work with The Outcome today!

In the words of our founder, Nichole Schmalzried, about her dear friend: “As I think about the impact that Amy had on my life over the last 18 years, I can’t help but smile. She was full of life and love for those around her. She was that friend that would fill you full of kind words and inspiration. She had FLARE in every aspect of how she lived, and she encouraged others to do the same. She was a fighter and had strength that was fierce and unyielding. Her spirit brought out happiness in those around her and her love was forever stamped on the people that God placed in her path.”

Who was Amy?

· Amy was a wife and mother of 4 beautiful children. She loved her family in the fullest of ways possible and was devoted to making them feel special.

· She was a loved daughter, sister, aunt and friend.

· She was an animal lover…her favorite of which was SHARKS!

· She was a writer; a visionary!

· She was a beautiful person inside and out.

· She was full of tenacity!

· She was a warrior and she would NOT be defined by the cancer that occupied so much of her time and energy.

Before her passing Amy shared some powerful messages with me that I want to share:



· We are all children of God!

· The TIME He has given us is EVERYTHING!!

·  He has a plan for our lives and a purpose that is of His divine creation!

·  The strength of our children is directly connected to the love and connection they experience through those around them.

· It is our most important job as parents and people to make sure the love of Jesus is shown to our children on a daily basis through our actions with them and with others.

These words have made me reach out to God, rest in His peace, and know that His plan is so much bigger than our own. I am filled with excitement to share Amy’s story and carry on her lifelong goal to impact families and children in a positive way!”

How will "Shark in the Park" honor Amy?

· Amy had a love of sharks…some may even say it was her spirit animal. Sharks stand for guardianship, power and protection and that is exactly what we believe Amy is providing for her loved ones from her heavenly perspective!

· Amy was a lover of children! She devoted the majority of her time to nurturing, supporting and pouring into not only her own children, but others in the community as well. As such, this event will promote positive, cherished moments among families and children in our community. 

I shared our ideas, hopes and potential outcome of our “Shark in the Park” event with Amy and she was elated! Amy wanted nothing more than to pour positivity into others, especially children. Although we are broken hearted that Amy is not here to celebrate with us, we know her spirit is here and her presence will be known. In her honor we hope the annual “Shark in the Park” event will be known as an opportunity to put aside any troubles and rest in a moment of fun and joyfulness with one’s family!


The joy of children’s laughter is intoxicating and the exact medicine the world needs today!