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Our Journey, God's Timing

Learn more about Nichole's journey for developing The Outcome
The God-given vision that has developed into “The Outcome” began in 2016 when I received clarity in my calling to serve those in need. This calling had always been placed on my heart, but God created an overwhelming sense that the time for action was NOW (…well, then) resulting in several conversations about how my sister and I could best serve those around us. The initial vision for The Outcome was to develop and sell products to promote the missions of other positive local non-profit organizations to further their work and help connect people to their causes/projects. Although the passion and drive for this vision existed, life happened (as it so very often does). This was a time of great change for myself and my family, both spiritually, physically and business-related. At this time, I found myself being drawn closer to God; my husband and I found a church we loved and enjoyed becoming involved in. Through this church and its leadership we began to intentionally pray for our 13-year struggle with infertility to be resolved. My sister had also recently began the process of joining the family business, so we would be working together on a daily basis. So many things were changing!
In February 2018, God answered our prayers and we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl in December that year. Suddenly I was experiencing the overwhelming joy (and challenges) of being a new mom.  Needless to say, we had a lot going on, which placed The Outcome on the back burner at that time. Little did we know, God’s timing is always perfect and he was brewing something wonderful on that back burner. He was allowing me and my sister time to lean further into Him, our families, our marriages, our children and ourselves. He was directing me to change the focus of The Outcome from these products and missions of others to pursing our own mission, His Mission!
In 2020, God clearly opened my eyes to His work behind the scenes and the fact that the time was (actually) NOW! He encouraged me to look at the world, with strife, fear and hate all around us. While I felt I was witnessing most of this from an outside perspective, as I had not directly been impacted as so many others were, I knew I had a role to play in this time…that His vision was meant for this particular time. Now I see more than ever that positivity and hope are needed in not only our world, but more importantly in our own homes; in our own communities. So many of the issues the world is experiencing today start at home, and becoming a mother has shown me the incredible responsibility we have to breathe love, faith and good into our children and our families. Therefore, that is where the new vision (God’s vision) for The Outcome will begin; AT HOME! It is my hope that our generation can start a change for good that will last for generations to come! I hope you will join us in this journey!

Learn more about Kayla's journey for developing The Outcome
My journey to The Outcome began out of a very passionate conversation with my sister about how God hit her in the face with a clear vision that we needed to act, we needed to stand, we needed to DO all the things we always talked about doing to help others. In my work at the time I had a wonderful role as the assistant director for a youth leadership program through Texas Tech University where we instilled leadership skills in youth in the Lubbock area. I poured myself into my work because I felt on a daily basis like we were making a difference. I was able to write and create and develop projects and curriculum to teach students and their mentors about leadership. This is what I felt was God’s purpose for me and I loved every minute of it. 
Around the time God spoke to my sister, I began to feel increasingly encouraged to return home and work for my family business. No matter how much I tried to turn away from this idea, it kept coming up, as God’s plans have a way of doing! I began to think of how my current workload would be sustained when my husband and I decided to start a family, how I would feel raising children in a city rather than a small town like we were raised, and what The Outcome could become if my sister and I were able to work side-by-side each day.
In February 2017 I decided I had to take a chance, I leaned into God’s plan, we moved closer to home and I completely changed my entire career path. I was incredibly energized by starting The Outcome because it allowed me to “fill my bucket” in regards to writing and developing projects as I had in my previous work. Little did I know, God’s timing was perfect for another reason in that my husband and I became pregnant with twins a few months later and the incredible, crazy whirlwind of our life began. Needless to say, throughout the process of having newborn twins, the development of The Outcome was placed on hold. Work continued, babies grew, I leaned further into my new role as a mother. Eighteen short months later God granted us another blessing/challenge and we announced we were expecting a baby boy making a total of 3 kids in under 3 years. Life was so busy and unfortunately that left little time for implementing the vision for The Outcome.
In April 2020 it seemed like the world turned upside down for all the wrong reasons. COVID-19, riots, political and social chaos, things I never thought we would see in our lifetime.  I looked at our babies, our family and our life in small town West Texas and decided there was more that we could do than just live our little life. That people around us, perhaps right next door, needed help, encouragement and grace. And so, the burning flame that was The Outcome has now evolved and is burning brighter than ever for my sister and I.  We firmly believe God places each person on this planet at the exact time in which they are intended to create change and foster good. We know in our hearts that God is brewing something with The Outcome, not only for us and our families, but for our communities and for all the needs we are aware of and have yet to learn about. We are excited to start this journey, for real this time! We hope you will join us and are eager to see how God leads the way!